Oil / grease stains on my natural stone worktop surface


This is a very common problem on natural stone countertops.  If your counter top is sealed properly this should not be an issue, however sometimes if oily products are left for a long period of time on the surface this staining can occur. If your counter top has been sealed correctly and a premium sealer was used ie “Dry Treat Stain Proof” it is not a problem to remove.

The Stone Doctor recommends “Stontex oil x gel” which can be easily applied to the stain. Leave for a minimum of 12 hours and then wash off thoroughly with warm water.  This process can be repeated until your stain is completely removed.

NB. Do not be alarmed if the stain has darkened after you have washed the residue off.  It can take 24-72 hours for the cleaner to evaporate from your worktop. After this time you will see that either the original oil stain is completely gone, or that there are still traces of oil left on the area. If this is the case you will need to repeat the process until the oil stain is fully removed.

We recommend our premium “Dry Treat Stain Proof” sealer for sealing the countertop afterwards. As an ongoing maintenance cleaner we recommend “Rejuvanator Spray” which will enhance the protection and polish of your countertop long into the future.


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