White Patches or Streaks on Exterior Concrete Paving


A Stontex cleaning product called “Cement & Grout Residue Remover” will remove efflorescence / lime stains from most materials except limestone, marble or travertine which are acid sensitive.

The Stone Doctor recommends that all natural stone, concrete and brick should be sealed once the material is clean and dry.

If you have concrete paving bricks then we recommend a sealer called “Resiblock Superior” which is a two coat treatment and comes in either a matt or gloss finish. The coverage rate is 2 square metres per litre which includes both coats. This treatment also enhances the colour of your paving bricks and has a unique no oil stain gaurantee.

If you have concrete paving slabs then we recommend a sealer called  “Resiblock Resiecco” which is a one coat treatment. The coverage rate is also 2 square metres per litre. This treatment does not enhance the colour but keeps the natural look of the slabs and also protects against oil stains.

N.B. Both these treatments seal your concrete paving and also bind the jointing sand between the pavers.


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