Case Studies

Restoring blue limestone paving

Cleaning a Stone Wall

Case Study - Blue Limestone

Blue Limestone treated with wrong sealer and applied while stone was not fully dry.

Solution - Strip off old existing sealer (Supplied by a competitor) and apply our Stontex Colour Intensifier (Supplied by Stonedoctors)

This project consisted of approx. 130m2 Blue Limestone

The area looked like the stone had been down years even though it was only completed 3 months previously.

The existing sealer was non breathable – not good for natural stone !

In some areas the existing sealer was actually peeling off.

Paving was cleaned with Stonetex Powerstripper Plus to remove the old Sealer.

Powerstripper Plus worked into the stone using a machine and left to work for approx. 20 mins to break down old sealer

Paving powerwashed to rinse off redisue of the cleaner and left to dry

The application of the Stonetex colour intensifier has brought the Paving back to its original Colour

Once Paving was clean and dry, our Stonetex Colour Intensifer Sealer was applied

This actual job required the use of mechanical rotary brushes in conjunction with the Stonetex Power Stripper Plus

On large commercial jobs like this the use of mechanical brushes speeds up the process. It still took the full day to remove the old sealer which was badly applied!

After removal of the old sealer the area was rinsed off and left to dry 

Blue Limestone is one of the most expensive outdoor paving materials. All paving and stone material can look poor over time if not treated with the correct Products. Stontex Products are the best on the market. If you have any questions use the Ask the Doctor button on the website and get free professional advice.

The above picture is a Granite boundary wall during the cleaning process using Stonetex Products. It had not been cleaned for many years, It had a build up of carbon,moss and algae staining.

Treated with Black Spot Remover first to deep clean the stone and then sealed with Rapid Dry Stone Sealer

The Marble Lion Statue on top of the pillar has not been cleaned or maintained.

Our Products Black Spot Remover and Rapid Dry Stone sealer were used to clean and restore this statue to its original beauty. (See below Picture)

To keep the stone looking fresh and clean on a ongoing basis, it needs to be maintained by spraying Green to Clean twice per year. (Simply Spray and Walk Away)

If the wall is maintained with Green to Clean on a regular basis then the wall will always look prisintine.

Black Spot Remover and Rapid Dry Stone Sealer are easy to apply, fast acting and do not damage the stone.

Have your stone walls in excellent condition all year round with our Spray and Walk Product "Green To Clean"


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