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Does your sandstone patio need a facelift?

PRODUCTS TO CLEAN AND SEAL YOUR SANDSTONE PATIO. How can I remove green algae and black mould and lichen marks from my sandstone patio paving? The colour of my patio stone has faded, how can I restore it? How can I protect my patio stone from further damage? A small...

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ADVICE ON HOW TO CLEAN NON SLIP TILES QUESTION: I am looking for a product to clean non slip tiles on the gents toilet in a pub. Can you recommend one of your products that will do this job without harming the tiles? ANSWER: The most successful product we have for...

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What is that white staining on my stone?

How to remove efflorescence from natural stone and brick. Stonedoctors are often asked for advice on how to remove white residue from the natural stone or brick. The white residue is in fact is called efflorescence, or in other words the natural salts and minerals...

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DIY or get a Professional?

CLEANING AND SEALING NATURAL STONE , CONCRETE BLOCK PAVING AND OTHER SURFACES All our products are designed to be used by general public and there are step by step instructions on each bottle. However before you start there are certain factors that you need to take...

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