• How can I remove green algae and black mould and lichen marks from my sandstone patio paving?
  • The colour of my patio stone has faded, how can I restore it?
  • How can I protect my patio stone from further damage?

A small amount of attention and investment will keep it looking young and new for years, but long-term neglect will require some drastic and expensive measures and in some cases your paving may need to be replaced.

Two products from our range can help ensure that only minimum ongoing maintenance required.

1. Deep clean your paving using our STONTEX ALL IN ONE OUTDOOR CLEANER. This cleaner comes in a 5-liter container and is enough to clean approximately 30 square meters.

2. Seal your sand stone patio with STONTEX INDIAN SANDSTONE SEALER. This amazing natural stone sealer provides a long term water and oil stain protection. This sealer is applied in two coats and the coverage rate for sandstone (for example) is 7 sq meters per quart, this includes both coats.